SBA Sphinx

S.B.A Sphinx has 3 competition teams:

  • men’s 1st, 
  • men’s 2nd
  • ladies 1st

Moreover, we offer:

  • recreational practice: if you don’t want to play games in the weekends.
  • beginners practice: if you have little or no experience playing basketball
Team try-outs

To join the competition teams you have to do the try-outs. These are on the the first week of the academic year. If you want to join the team later on during the academic year send us a e-mail to see the options available.

Introduction Training

Beginners and Recreational player can join our trainings twice to get a feeling of basketball and of the association.

Look at the schedule below to know when to join us! Please let us know in advance with an email


Contact Us

Sportscentre de Bongerd (SCB) Bornsesteeg 2, 6708 PE

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